Release of MMC-CORE 3.0.5 and MDS 2.4.3

This release features improvements on password policies and many bugfixes.
Added by Jean-Philippe Braun over 2 years ago

New enhancements for this release

MDS 2.4.3 provides better integration between SAMBA and OpenLDAP password policies. SAMBA domain policies are now synchronized with the default OpenLDAP password policy so that users will get correct feedback while changing their password on Windows clients.

Under the hood

The SAMBA configuration file is now manipulated with the python ConfigObj library. This allow to not loose comments in the file and to not change the options order. If you have any issue regarding this change, open issues on


MDS 2.4.3 and MMC-CORE 3.0.5 provides also a lot of bugfixes.

Bug #1708: Unhandled exception when user atttempt to create a already existing user home
Bug #1775: UID/GID should not be shown when adding a user
Bug #1777: Slashes in error messages on the login page
Bug #1821: non-latin symbol in gecos
Bug #1686: dhcp option domain-name-server
Bug #1694: Massive CSV import page is not translated in french
Bug #1707: Handle situations when a share has a GID which don't exists
Bug #1713: smb.conf parsing drop comments and mess up the line order
Bug #1719: [ppolicy] Windows shows a wrong error message when new password fails to verify policies
Bug #1720: [ppolicy] Account locking after N failed attempts doesn't work with Samba
Bug #1721: mmc-password-helper should be configurable
Bug #1741: a ';' is missing in the file publicFunc.php
Bug #1778: Disabling user "Samba properties", cause wiping out user account
Bug #1779: User deletion error when mail plugin enabled with vAliasesSupport disabled
Bug #1780: Disk quota can not be deleted
Bug #1781: User filesystem quota can not be changed
Bug #1803: Multiple domain names in a DHCP Subnet not correctly applied
Feature #1673: Allow DNS zones to be created for subnets other then 8, 16 and 24.
Feature #1806: Permit samba-like share path extensions