Release of MMC-CORE 3.1.0 and MDS 2.5.0

This two releases features new plugins: dashboard (new home page), services (systemd), shorewall (firewall) and squid (proxy)
Added by Jean-Philippe Braun almost 2 years ago

Following the release of Mandriva Business Server earlier this year,
MDS 2.5.0 and MMC-CORE 3.1.0 are now available.

This new releases features new core and management plugins

  • MMC-CORE comes with a new dashboard plugin that replace the default MMC home
    page. This plugin can display different panels depending on which MMC plugins
    are installed. It was designed to make the MMC home page more usefull with
    valuable information displayed. (install python-mmc-dashboard and
    mmc-web-dashboard packages)
  • MMC-CORE features also a new plugin to manage the system services. This
    plugin is fully integrated with systemd using its DBUS interface. You can
    easily start/stop/restart any service of the server and consult its logs.
  • MDS provides a new squid plugin to manage squid rules (blacklist, whitelist,
    forbidden extensions...) as well as integrated squid configuration to
    authenticate proxy users against MDS.
  • Finally MDS includes a shorewall plugin to manage easily the system firewall.
    Input and output rules are supported as well as NAT and DNAT rules.


  • Bug #1912: Fix MMC login page on IE9
  • Bug #1915: Fix UID between users and computers accounts
  • Feature #1900: Support the zarafaHidden attribute
  • Bug #1820: Apply correctly samba userdefault settings
  • Bug #1904: Fix wrong password expiration message on the user page



The updated documentation is available at


  • Mandriva Business Server packages will be available in the official repository.


You can safely upgrade to this new version. No configuration changes are
needed. Read the documentation to install and configure new plugins.